Coaching for Leaders

Coaching to transform leaders’ ability to influence others, build healthy more capable teams, and to be more capable of winning in our complex and ambiguous world. Our coaching programs are designed for experienced leaders, budding entrepreneurs, and those who wish to take a bigger role in their organizations.

Build Your Leaders

Consulting for start-ups and franchisees to build your leadership as you build your company. Create a culture that maximizes development and motivation that will help you grow.  

Workshops for Leaders

Our transformational workshops guide a leaders’ ability to be positive change agents in their organization, to enhance their ability to develop and sustain high performance cultures.

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My Passion

I'm Adam Malaty-Uhr, Founder of Catalytic Leadership. I am driven to help individuals and organizations be deliberate in their leadership development to raise their ability to innovate and magnify their impact. Engineering human development is what I do. As a US Army combat veteran, certified Army Ranger, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Harvard University Graduate, I have made it my life's mission to decode the path to outstanding leadership development. I wake-up every morning excited to share that message with the individuals I coach, the workshop participants I guide, and the organizational cultures I help engineer. I look forward to working with you.

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Our Partners

Our Participants Reflections 

Published in March 2016, the two books featured several of our student's reflections on their participation our workshops and talks in July and August 2015.

“It still amazes me that a simple exercise could have led to such a huge discovery. It started me on a journey to find my true self.”                 ~ Josephine Lim, Redefining Success

“Mr. Malaty-Uhr’s exercise showed that everyone is capable of becoming a [transformational] leader, by empowering themselves and those around them." ~ Priyad Ahrumugam, Redefining Success

"When he said this, it hit me that I was actually limiting myself by my assumption that because I am not a person of authirity, I ... cannot pursue my aspirations" ~ Jonathan Ding, Redefining Success